2020 Ford F 150 Concept

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2020 Ford F 150 Concept

2020 Ford F 150 Concept The teaser pictures of Ford were the highlight of today’s product announcement, but they were only a small part of the overall presentation.

In addition to the Teasing of the Bronco and Mustang Shelby GT500, Ford revealed that it will have ‘ North America’s freshest lineup ‘ of 2020, as more than 75 percent of its current portfolio will be replaced. The company will also add four new trucks and SUVs like the ranger. Ford says this massive overhaul will see the ‘ Average showroom age ‘ of its models from 5.7 years down to just 3.3 years.

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On the truck side, Ford will present the new F-series Super Racing next year and be sold alongside Ranger. A year later, the carmaker will introduce the new F-150.

Little is known about the redesigned truck, but Ford has already said that 90 percent of the manufacturing equipment used to manufacture the current F-150 can be reused for the next-generation model. The car manufacturer also confirmed that the truck will have a hybrid drive that allows the model to act as a mobile generator for the drive of tools and other devices.

On the crossover and SUV side, the blue oval of 2020 will have an “industry leading formation of eight SUVs “. Five of these models are offered with a hybrid powertrain while being a battery electric vehicle. As we reported in our previous article, next year Ford will present the next generation of escape and explorer. They are accompanied by the Bronco in 2020 and an “off-road small utility” that looks like it could be a Jeep Renegade or compass competitor.

Ford will also go ‘ all-in on hybrids ‘ as the fuel-efficient technology is offered on large-volume models such as Bronco, Escape, explorer, Mustang and F-150. Ford was not ready to go into the peculiarities, but said the Mustang hybrid will “All about delivering V8-like performance with more low-end torque. “

The car manufacturer continued to say his first “Performance battery electric utility ” will arrive in 2020. It will be one of six electric vehicles introduced by 2022.

While talking to electric vehicles, Ford Sheriff Marakby said: “Throwing a charger in the trunk of a vehicle and sending customers on the way is not enough to increase the vitality of electric vehicles.” He continued to say that Ford was the redesign ownership experience to ensure that Ford addressed the painful points of the now widely adopted customer. “This is not very informative, but Ford said electric vehicles will have a” effortless “charge and over-the-air software updates must develop capabilities and features.”

On the commercial side, Ford will deliver a new transit next year with 4G LTE connectivity. In addition, the E-Class will expand the E-Class range in models such as the F-650 and F- and will offer modern driver support systems such as automatic emergency braking, tracking warning and driver warning system. 750.

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2020 Ford F 150 Concept

Despite the use of a handful of new and redesigned models, Ford wants to reduce costs with the use of flexible architectures and common components. The company plans to have five flexible architectures – the body on the trunk, the front-wheel drive, the single-wheeled vehicle, the rear-wheel drive vehicle Unibody, the commercial van Unibody and Bev – and says: “70% of the engineering art of every vehicle is this new architectural approach. “The remaining 30% – like” grids, hoods, doors and more “- will be unique for every vehicle.

Finally, from this autumn onward, Ford will present the common Pilot360 series driver support systems to global markets. The company says that it is the most advanced package of standard driver support technologies among all brands and will provide automatic emergency braking, blind spot warning system, lane keeping assistant, reversing camera and automatic long beam headlamps.