2019 Ford Active Dimensions

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2019 Ford Active Dimensions

2019 Ford Active Dimensions Hatchback and Estate versions as well as the details of the 2019 Ford Focus Active appeared. Following Ford Fiesta Active, the new iteration fits to the range between the main entrance door and the full-fledged Kuga SUV. As Ford takes note, the new 2019 Focus will be built on the new C2 platform, which is said to have improved the crash behavior, interior and aerodynamics in the Blue Oval’s Saarlouis factory in Germany. Ford said the dynamic coefficient for the four-door Focus is 0.25, 0.273 for the five-door model and 88 kilos for the current model.

The ord is very concerned with the technology references of the new Focus, and many come with driver support features such as driver speed (up to 200 km / h or 125 mph), cruise control and cruise control. signal recognition and lane centering. These include front lighting, active parking assistant (now second generation), a top-of-the-line display (a premiere for Ford in Europe) and unavoidable steering support.

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Under the car is an independent front and rear suspension system equipped with continuously controlled damping technology, suspension and body movement in every 2 milliseconds, as well as steering and braking inputs. It also produces three driving modes: Normal, Sport and Eco.

Ford says that Focus Active is designed to appeal to a variety of lifestyle genres that want to have a rough and rolling car, but not a high SUV buying idea. There are a number of changes to give the focus crossover attitude. The most important engineering changes are the driving height and the 30 mm increase in the tail-wheel.

Ford equips Focus with the SYNC 3 infotainment system wrapped in twist and slap gestures, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and voice commands that support the 8-inch screen. Visually, the incorporation of the black side cover, the different silver-plated bumper molds and the cross-covered roof bars, together with the main visual changes, in this case has more design features than the functional items. Ford also says it has ‘custom tailored front end design’.

Along with these changes, the Ford Focus Active combines its own alloy wheel design with a black roof and door-lid. Ford Focus Active will arrive after the first wave of Hatchacks and Estates enters the market. As a result, Ford has yet to confirm prices and specifications, and the delivery dates for the first cars in the UK were set at January 2019 – an unofficial view of the Ford UK spoken word.

Expect it to sit in the middle of the range in terms of kit. So it’s likely to come with Ford’s Sync3 infotainment system, which usefully features mirroring for smartphones as well as the option for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There are USBs in the front and rear for the family’s devices, as well as the capability to become a wireless hotspot for up to 10 connections.

In terms of safety kit, it will be equipped to Euro NCAP standard, so that means Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) comes as standard. But options will include active LED headlamps, adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance technology, and a warning when you enter a motorway in the wrong direction.

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2019 Ford Active Dimensions

On the engine front, Ford’s press blurb mentions the familiar 1-liter EcoBoost joined by the newer 1.5-liter EcoBoost which bring cylinder deactivation for the first time in the three-cylinder engine class.

Diesel options include 1.5-liter EcoBlue and 2-liter EcoBlue powerplants. In addition, the eight-speed automatic transmission completes the powertrain transmission system. It is operated by a rotary gear lever and Ford adapts gear shifting depending on the mode of driving that someone seated behind the steering wheel adopts. Standard choice is six-speed manual transmission.

It can be used with 1 liter EcoBoost 85, 100 or 125 PS, 1.5 liter 150 and 182 PS. At the diesel camp, the 2-liter selection produces 150 PS and 370 Nm while the 1.5-liter mill develops 95 and 120 PS (both 300 Nm bending). The wheelbase is 53 mm longer and the new chassis has 20% more torsional rigidity than the ongoing Ford Focus.