2020 Ford Bronco Fuel Economy

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2020 Ford Bronco Fuel Economy

2020 Ford Bronco Fuel Economy Rumors have repeatedly torn the car industry into criticism with speculation about the revival of the Bronco. A comeback for such an iconic name would certainly arouse interest and at the same time shake the SUV segment. Although it is still speculative, most agree that Bronco will be based on the upcoming Ranger pickup and will have a body-on-frame design with a common set of drive options. However, styling will be unique to everyone.

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We have heard and written our share of news around the subject. Recently, we’ve brought you a presentation of what the next-generation Ranger could look like for the US market, and rumours are about sharing his assembly line with the new Bronco. Previously, we reported that Ford is planning both for the Bronco and for Ranger in his Michigan assembly, by producing the focus and C-Max to Mexico 2018.

Fansites and forums are also full of anticipation. In February 2016 Bronco6G posted an enticing presentation of the Bronco of the sixth generation. It is strongly based on the 2004 Bronco concept truck, which reminds itself of the design of the original 1966 Bronco. As we said in our first coverage of rendering, we cannot find anything that we would change. There are several attributes that we bet will not make any production, but that’s another story.

Here we look at the upcoming Bronco–more specifically, or at least what the rumors factory and our own speculation can work together. Read on for the full shutdown and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

2020 Ford Bronco Engine

If you hold your breath for a V-8 powered Bronco, you better breathe in and jump on the EcoBoost train. Ford has completely completed the engine reduction and replaced the naturally absorbent V-8S and V-6S with twin-turbo V-6S and single-turbo I-4s.

The basic engine of the Bronco will probably be the same as the 2019 Ford Ranger’s, a 2.3-liter turbo-four. Ford has not yet confirmed PS numbers for the ranger, but the same engine represents 310 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque in the 2018 Ford Mustang EcoBoost. Similarly, Smart Money says that a 10-speed automatic machine can be used in a new Bronco, but it is not clear if a job situation can be made for a six-way manual. The Bronco, however, has a greater enthusiast appeal than the pickup.

We also expect that a twin turbo V-6 will eventually be available on the new Bronco, if not for launch, then in time for a midcycle update. Ford’s EcoBoost 2.7-liter V-6 seems like the most likely candidate. It produces 325 hp and 400 lb-ft torque in the F-150. Even a diesel could be a possibility.

The only driving train approved by Ford is a hybrid transmission. We have caught a secret F-150 plug-in hybrid test and must imagine the power transfer of the 2020 Ford Bronco hybrid to be related.

What could the new 2020 Ford Bronco do? It will certainly be the collection of EcoBoost engines with the 3.5-L V6 EcoBoost as a probable top seller and the 2.7 L EcoBoost as a gas fuel economy alternative along with a base V6. Both are offered with an 8-speed gearbox (10 gears is probably overkill) and will have start-stop for even better fuel economy. OK, OK, what about a diesel?

It’s a tough one for Ford. On the one hand, consumers have shown a willingness to pay the premium for the diesel engine (typically $2-3k), as diesel engines get 25% better fuel consumption out of the box. However, this will also be a low-volume unit for Ford (as the 4Runner is for Toyota) and the development of a drive beach is quite expensive.

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2020 Ford Bronco Fuel Economy

Personally, I don’t see the business case yet. My guess is that Ford launches the Bronco and sees what the market is doing. You have and/or will be able to quickly develop a diesel option, but I don’t think it will be offered on the first Bronco SUVs. Chevy did the same thing in terms of the diesel Colorado (delayed it for a year). You said that this was due to the engine being set up, but I would also bet that executives would watch the market closely to see how the new truck was perceived. I see Ford doing the same thing.

While the last details on the 2020 Ford Bronco are years away, I would expect it to follow exactly what Toyota is doing (they are the only production to offer both vehicles). If you look at the price sheet, Toyota’s pricing will separate the models by about $4k. That will also be the case for Ford. Currently, Ford has a base price of $31,660 for the explorer. The 2020 Ford Bronco would then make sense with about $35K at prices.

Also the Ford Explorer is rated EPA with 17/24 mpg and according to Toyota’s example (Highlander 20/25 and 4Runner 17/22), it makes sense that the Ford Bronco is rated at about 16/22 city/highway mpg. Finally, when the Assembly of Michigan plans to build a car by the end of 2018, and after moving to the source of the Pensions 2019, it looks like the presence in the fall of 2020.