2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Australia

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2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Australia

2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Australia Apart from the bold, the style of the wide-body of the Raptor to measure, the big reveals was the propeller, with a four-cylinder diesel engine of 156kW/500nm, of 2.0 liters, BI-Turbo that filled the bay of the engine, backed by an automatic transmission of 10 Adapted speeds of the F-150 Raptor. So no petrol engines for Australia, or a 3.2 L diesel version which is a favorite with Ranger buyers here.

The 2.0 L engine makes more energy and torque than the 3.2 L five-cylinder and, according to our boys who have mounted on the new Raptor, the BI-Turbo is more than enough to add excitement to the UTE.

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Just like the F-150, which makes the Raptor’s identity plate legendary, the Raptor Ranger is more than just a motor; Inspired by the Desert Race, the chassis and suspension really marked the adrenaline levels and Raptor Ranger was tested and sent to some of Australia’s toughest roads.

The scale frame has been strengthened and adapted to take a spiral-sprung rear end instead of the Trade-spec flat springs. This layout is similar to that found under the back of the Everest truck as it uses a Watts link arrangement but differs with its coil-over fox shocks that are mounted further off-board for stability. Improved. The rear wheel track is also wider than that of a standard Ranger, to match the front end of the 1710mm-Wide track.

At the front end, the upper forged aluminum and the lower cast iron arms widen the track, with the Fox Racing again the supplying of the Coilovers. 46mm shock absorbers (front and rear) feature position-sensitive damping technology (PSD). This provides higher quenching strengths in full compression and rebound to enable better performance in high-speed field through conditions, and lower quenching forces in the mid-travel zone for a ride more Comfortable on-road.

BFGoodrich KO2 tires All terrains measure 285/70-17 and were specifically developed with the Raptor in mind. The braking system is updated with double-piston pliers in a huge 332 x 32 mm ventilated rotors at the front, as well as 332 x 24mm ventilated rear discs with re-calibrated calipers of 54 m.

The Raptor retains a low-range half-time 4×4 system But now includes a land management system (TMS) similar to what we see on Everest and F-150, but with the ‘ low mode ‘ that was previously exclusive to F-150 Raptor. The low mode desensitizes the chassis electronics, including the traction and stability controls, giving more control to the driver while at the same time keeping the gears in the 10-speed auto and sharpen the transmission and throttle response. For high performance driving.

This is the way of unleashing Robby Gordon’s internal aspirations; While regular on-road and sport modes are there for takeoff track travel, and grass/gravel/snow, mud/sand and rock modes are there for the field across the Raptor Ranger has a different blocking Rear as standard.

The BI-Turbo arrangement in the four-cylinder diesel engine uses a small and large turbocharger working in order, depending on the speed and load of the engine. At lower engine speeds the two turbos work in series for the best torque and responsiveness, while at higher engine speeds the small turbo (high pressure) is bypassed and the largest turbo (low pressure) Provides maximum stimulation to deliver more energy.

The style of the Raptor Ranger obviously comes from its largest American cousin, the F-150, with the black signature grille with Ford bold spelling. The front guards are made of a composite material and are pumped out to cover the wider wheel track and accommodate tires with more suspension compression.

The rear cargo tub also gets pronounced guards for tyre clearance, while a new rear bumper features an integrated tow bar to dramatically improve the output angle which is now 24 degrees. The approach angle is 32.5 degrees, Rampover is 24 degree and ground clearance is listed in 283m. The Raptor’s towing capacity is lower than the regular Ranger, in 2500kg, due to its transmission and suspension package that is set up more for performance than transport load.

Inside the Raptor you get the exclusive trim from the Ranger line. The front seats have heavy reinforcements to keep occupants in place during high-speed off-road, while the full set of features and equipment are included. Of interest are the magnesium gear shift paddles behind the unique Raptor steering wheel, and the use of keyless entry and starter push-button; The features we expect are extended to the Ranger and Everest updated models later this year.

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2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Australia

The Raptor will sit at the top of the 2019 Ranger line when it arrives in Australia in the third quarter of this year; Although, there has been no word about the price so far. Ford tells us that this will be approaching the launch date. With the level of custom suspension improvements, the modified and reinforced chassis, the unique engine and transmission, and the bold exterior design, we’re tipping the Raptor won’t come cheap, nor will it be for everyone.

Ranger WILDTRAK already kicks the tin for more than $60K, and we believe the Raptor will be closer to $90K. That will be a lot of money for any ute, but the Raptor Ranger will not be any ute. Ford Australia has announced local prices and technical specifications for the updated UTE 2019 Ranger, and the renewed product range has begun throwing $ 27,990 before travel costs.

Leadership in the MY19 changes for the XLT models include a 157kW / 500 Diesel 2.0 liter BI-Turbo ($ 1200) and a self-contained emergency braking (AEB) linked to a 10-speed automotive standard as part of the technical package ($ 1700 ).

Finally, sitting up the range is the WILDTRAK (of $60,590, + $1000). Like the XLT, the WILDTRAK is available with the 2.0-liter BI-Turbo diesel and 10-speed automatic from the Raptor ($1200), and comes standard with the 3.2-liter oiler.