2021 Ford Ranger News

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2021 Ford Ranger News

2021 Ford Ranger News Ford may be developing the next generation of Ranger and Ranger Raptor, the latter called Project Redback, according to a report. But until then, the previous model can get the 5.0-liter Coyote V8 from the Mustang GT.

We’ve heard for the first time that 2021 Ford Ranger News from Australia is doing the V8 swap in January 2020, and the real deal could be unveiled by the end of 2020 for the 2021 model year. Cars Guide reports that Tickford can add a compressor for 529 kW and 828 Nm, which translates to 719 hp or 709 hp and 611 pounds of torque.

The charging set from Australian tuner and engineering company Tickford is already available for the Coyote Mustang GT engine, which features a 2.65-liter Roush TVS, better cooling, improved recording, and a redesigned control unit. “Let’s say a V8 Ranger is coming out,” said Andrew Philpott, the commercial director. “We will no doubt let people come to us who say’.”

Supercharger Power Pack is the option, and Level 1 is available for 17,995 Australian dollars. Tickford has also charged the F-150 pickup truck, which is available in Australia through unofficial channels.

After the Ranger Raptor has driven with the bi-turbo diesel in the European specification, the medium-sized pickup is undeniable, is sufficiently powerful and high-torque. Swapping the four-potter for a V8 is very tempting, especially if the twin Vortices series blower has enough space in the engine compartment.

On the other hand, not your hopes of a series Ranger Raptor with eight cylinders. The Redback project is expected to preserve the basics of the 2021 Ford Bronco, and at best the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 from the Edge ST and F-150 must be sufficient. The six-cylinder mill develops 335 hp and 380 pounds of torque at 3,250 euros.

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As far as the Bone Stock Ranger is concerned, we were able to get the brand new pickup truck already in 2021 with styling from the F-series of full-size workhorses. As with the outgoing model, the newcomer is also in Australia.