2019 Ford Focus Active AWD

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2019 Ford Focus Active AWD

2019 Ford Focus Active AWD The local division of Blue Oval is not yet official, but sees itself as Finalisierende plans to complement the new high-end focus in the Australian showrooms 2019.

The active ones are similar in concept to the popular Subaru XV, which is basically a aufgeschrauchte version of the Impreza Hatchback with additional ground clearance and harder plastic caddies to give it a more robust look.

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The focus active is offered in the Hatchback as well as in car body styles in Europe, with a suspension that is 30mm higher than normal models, as well as a unique front bumper design and plastic radbögen.

In the conversation to arrive at the international launch of the fourth generation Luke and wagon, which will be arriving in Australia from November, Ford Australia spokesman Damion SMY said: “It is something we have looked at and believe could be very attractive to Australian Customers.

“It’s an exciting new trim level that Ford of Europe has rolled out with Fiesta and focus, and it’s the kind of product that will open the focus to a new and wider audience. “

Ford Australia has registered the focus active badge as a brand, although Hyundai is active in many models such as the Santa Fe and Tucson as trim grades.

SMY said that is not an official admission of his inevitability on arrival to Australia, although drive understands it is confirmed and set to come in early 2019.

“It is part of the protection of the name as we have for other derivatives that are offered exclusively in Europe, but not in Australia, ” SMY said.

“However, if we want to benefit from being a global company, we will make sure that we can introduce these models when we see that Australian customers would be interested in them at any point in the future. “

2019 Ford Focus Active AWD

It is still uncertain whether Ford Australia will offer the assets in both Luke and car body styles. It is in any case powered by a new generation 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo petrol engine that drives the front wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission. It is expected that there will be a small premium via standard focus variants.

The focus active will strengthen the local SUV line-up of Ford, which already includes the baby EcoSport, the medium-sized escape and the ute-based Everest with the seven-seater Endura set to arrive in November.