2019 Ford Focus AWD

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2019 Ford Focus AWD

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2019 Ford Focus AWD Like a mother bird who wraps her baby out of the nest in a cruel and irreconcilable world, Ford Motor Company has pulled the wraps from the 2019 Ford Focus, the next generation of its global economy car. The new model has a mature design, more space for passengers and more technology than ever before. Question is, will the crossover crazy citizens of this country give a hitch?

Since the first global focus has landed on our shores in the 2011, Ford’s compact car is known as a pleasant little econobox with some shared personality sports that make it an option for inexpensive enthusiasts. That said, the sales in the “bigger is better ” American market have just fallen for five years, so Ford has a lot to drive on the small car replacement. The new model will be sold later this year in China, Europe and other markets before it comes 2019 to America.

Driving on a brand new platform and adaptive suspension system that Ford promises makes the 2019 focus the funniest iteration, but the redesigned body has a crisp, subdued design compared to the outbound model. The headlights are less angled, the bonnet is longer, and the wheelbase has been lengthened, but the overall size remains the same.

Like its predecessor, it will come in sedan, Hatchback and wagon flavors, but don’t expect the latter to end up for sale here. There is also a new active trim that seems to have a mild lift, a plastic body panel and hopefully a four-wheel drive. A promised St-line version indicates the return of the cheap performance, although there are no details about a planned RS version.

Under the Hood, Ford has announced four options to date: The company’s 1.0-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine, a pair of 1.5-liter EcoBoost gas engines, and a 2.0-liter diesel factory ecoblue. An unusual new eight-speed transmission will also be available. However, we do not know which of these (if any) will make it to North America, as Ford says it will publish the specifications for the domestic version at a later date.

2019 Ford Focus AWD

But you can expect new noble interiors and all announced drivers to support tech to make the leap stateside. The 2019 Ford Focus Features an adaptive cruise control system that can read speed limit signs and help you to keep yourself on the lane, adaptive headlights and an automated fallback function, all under the banner of Ford Co-Pilot360 are packaged. A narrower center console gives your knees more room to breathe, and while the dashboard follows the unfortunate design trend of using a stick-on tablet for an infotainment screen, it looks like a convenient place to pass the miles.

To consolidate the fact that it really is a global vehicle, the next-gen focus is no longer built in the United States. Production is consolidated in Ford factories in Germany and China to free resources — the Michigan assembly plant in Wayne, Michigan, where the car has been manufactured since 2010, is being overhauled to begin building the new Ford Bronco and Ranger.