Next-Gen 2024 Ford Fusion Exclusive Review

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2024 Ford Fusion brings back the Fusion with a new design that is tasteful. This is what we expect from the new sedan.

Since 2018, Ford has been making plans to discontinue its sedan lineup in North America. After the 2019 model year, Ford discontinued the Fusion Sport trim and even stopped promotional advertising for their sedan in North America. The manufacturer intends to focus on pickup trucks, SUVs, CUVs and Ford Mustangs.

With production beginning in 2006, the Ford Fusion now has two generations. Due to the relationship between Ford and Mazda, the first generation fusion was built on a CD3 platform designed by Mazda. Most of the engine options for the first generation are also from Mazda. Ford Fusion also offers hybrid trim and plug-in hybrids for the first and second generations.

There has been speculation that Ford has completely discontinued the Fusion, but Ford engineers have been spotted testing the new Fusion on the test track. The new sedan is a 2023 model, and this is what we expect from the upcoming Ford Fusion.

Although there are still many people who buy sedans, the number is not as promising as SUVs. In 2019, SUVs accounted for 47.4% of total car sales in the United States , with sedans making only 22.1%. Sales figures of SUVs, pickup trucks and crossovers are expected to grow in the coming years, so manufacturers such as Ford and Fiat Chrysler have decided to focus on the SUV market.

The new Ford Fusion may not be available in the US, but it will be available in the Chinese market. Ford may also make the sedan available as the new Mondeo in Europe.

The 2020 model Ford has a standard 2.5-liter engine with 175 horsepower and a 6-speed automatic transmission. The basic engine doesn’t sound appealing, but more powerful options like a turbocharged 1.5-liter power train and a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with about 245 horsepower are available.

For handling, the 2020 Fusion is smooth on the road and there is not much body roll. The new Fusion might get more powerful base engine options and, hopefully, a more advanced transmission system.

The 2020 Ford model has an important set of safety and driver assistance features. Most of its features are also standard. Like most newer Ford models, the 2020 Fusion has Ford Co-Pilot360 technology. The sedan also has a standard blindspot monitoring system, traffic warning, lane guard system, pre-collision assistance, emergency braking, and more. V

voice commands and hands-free driving are also available. As Ford has made more standard safety features on their new model, the 2023 Fusion will get more safety features than the previous model.

2024 Ford Fusion Review

2024 Ford Fusion Active Review over the past few years, there have been several mules and prototypes claimed to be the Ford Fusion Active, a contender for The Blue Oval’s upcoming Subaru Outback.

2024 Ford Fusion

However, each time, the prototype changed to another model. However, these recent photos taken by Ford Authority spies actually depict the original Ford Fusion Active, giving us a first look at the more utilitarian version of the sedan that used to bear the name Fusion.

Covered in heavy camo, it is difficult to distinguish many details of this prototype, but its cart-like shape is unmistakable, despite Ford’s attempts to hide it.

We could see front grilles like the Ford Evos peeking through that camo, however, as well as thinner headlights. Moving sideways, the shape of a higher wagon with accents of multi-spoke alloy wheels that look a bit modern and wrapped in Michelin tires.

In the back, it becomes very clear that the previously seen prototype – which turned out to be a Ford Evos-based SUV – is very different from this new Ford Fusion Active prototype. The Fusion Active isn’t too tall, and features more sloping rooflines and different tailgate designs.

The overall profile is certainly more like a car, although the Active prototype does appear to be rising a little higher than a regular sedan.

This photo reveals a thin taillight design that is even more reminiscent of evos, which also inspired the design of the new Ford Mondeo (nicknamed Ford Taurus in the Middle East ) and Lincoln Zephyr.

Overall, the new prototype looks like a more useful version of Evos, a crossover with a seemingly smaller cargo area than this Fusion Active prototype has. In fact, this rendering of an unofficial Mondeo cart can give us a good idea of what the Ford Fusion Active will look like in the end.

As the Ford Authority previously reported, the Evos is not the successor to the Fusion or Mondeo, but rather another unique model in china’s Ford lineup, although this crossover has also been seen in the US not once, but twice.

As for the Fusion Active, it is currently unclear which market will sell it, but it is clear that it will feature an aesthetic very similar to the Chinese model just launched by the automaker.

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Ford Fusion Exterior

With a new grille and rear design, the Ford Fusion comes more sophisticated. Like the 2017 model, the 2023 Fusion is getting a facelift. The grille has been changed and now looks like a Ford Edge grille. Although the design of the grille is attractive, it is not the most surprising change.

The rear of the upcoming Fusion looks like a crossover or rear hatchback. While this design isn’t typical, it makes sense that Ford incorporates a hatchback design on their sedan because they prefer SUVs and the like.

2024 Ford Fusion Powertrain

In the first generation of the Ford Fusion, the manufacturer provided a variety of Duratec engines. There are options of 2.3 liters, 2.5 liters, 3.0 liters of V6, and 3.5 liters. Ford also has a hybrid trim with a nickel-metal hydride battery. Most engines in the first generation came from Mazda.

The second generation has a 1.5-liter EcoBoost, a 1.6-liter EcoBoost, a 2.0-liter EcoBoost, a 2.0-liter Duratec for the hybrid, and a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 for the Sport trim.

We expect a large selection of engines and trim levels for the upcoming Ford Fusion. Also, hybrid trim and plug-in hybrids will be available.

Ford Fusion Interior

Although the Ford Fusion is not a luxury vehicle, the interior design is sharp and comfortable. There is nothing fancy about the interior of the sedan, but it looks unified. The Ford Fusion is s five-seater and the latter model has adequate legroom and headroom for passengers.

With 70/40 rear split seats, you can maximize the load of the car’s interior. The 2021 Ford Fusion has a cargo capacity of 16.0 cu-ft, rivaled by the 16.7 cu-ft Honda Accord. Ford may decide to increase the cargo capacity of the Fusion in future models.

For infotainment, the 2020 Ford Fusion model uses a 4.2″ LCD display and an AM/FM compatible stereo with a CD player. To get a larger media screen, drivers can choose the optional infotainment system SYNC 3 with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

FordPass Connect gives drivers access to 4G LTE Wi-Fi. About ten devices can be connected, and hotspots can be accessed at a distance of 50 feet from the sedan. We expect the new Fusion to get a modern infotainment media display and apple CarPlay standard.

Ford Fusion SpyShot

Ford engineers have been spotted with a prototype for the redesigned Fusion sedan.

Previously thought to be a hatchback to be marketed as the Fusion Active in the U.S., the latest spy shot reveals the car to be a conventional sedan. This means we’re unlikely to see it sold in the U.S., due to Ford’s focus on SUVs, pickups and utilities here.

The new Fusion is a sure bet for the Chinese market, where body styles remain popular (The Chinese also get a redesigned Taurus sedan ). We can also see it offered in Europe as a redesigned Mondeo—a badge sold with Fusion outside of North America.

The car is most likely a cousin of the new Lincoln Zephyr company that was launched last fall and developed exclusively for the Chinese market. This means it roughly matches the dimensions of the Zephyr which includes a wheelbase of 114 inches and a length of 196 inches.

The Zephyr will initially be offered with a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4 engine and an 8-speed automatic, and the new Fusion will likely have the same. A hybrid powertrain can also be offered at some point.

Its debut is expected later this year but we already have a good idea of how it will look, due to the similar design theme to the Ford Evos crossover which has also been developed exclusively for the Chinese market.

But what about fusion replacements for the US market? Ford is still expected to offer a vehicle that blends elements of a car and a crossover, a kind of soft-roader. Do not be surprised if such models are given the Fusion Active badge. The term Active is what Ford uses for soft-roader cars it sells abroad, such as the Fiesta Active and Focus Active.

Stay tuned for updates as development continues.

2024 Ford Fusion Active Wagon

The new model is poised to replace the Edge as Ford’s mid-size SUV offering and is scheduled to bring back the Fusion nameplate.

Ford’s long-rumored Subaru Outback competitor may be getting closer to reality. The new model is scheduled to bring back the Fusion name previously applied to Ford’s now-defunct mid-size sedan. But it will be applied to a completely different vehicle: instead of a sedan, it appears that the Fusion Active will be a station wagon that could replace the Edge as Ford’s mid-size crossover offering.

While the previous spy shots of this model were test donkeys incorporating body panels from various models, these new photos seem to show the original shape of fusion active. The latest Outback, which is basically a mid-size SUV in terms of dimensions, is quite tall and is on the line between the wagon lift and the crossover. But the fusion active proportions still look like a chariot in our eyes, if only.

Expect the Fusion Active to be standard with all-wheel drive and incorporate a black plastic body cladding, a formula popularized by the Outback. We think the hybrid powertrain will be standard, as in the Maverick small pickup, and Ford might offer a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four engine or one of the many EcoBoost V-6 engines as an option.

The Fusion Active style will likely be similar to the Mondeo and Evos models in the global market, which combine a new, modern-looking face with thin headlights flanking an attractively textured grille. The interior can also take components from this model, such as a large screen setup that spans almost the entire Evos dashboard.

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2024 Ford Fusion Price

We think the Fusion Active will arrive in time for the 2023 model year, which means it could debut later this year or early next year. This will likely bring a starting price of around $35,000, which will be in line with the mid-tier version of the Outback.

2024 Ford Fusion Active

With sedan sales plummeting and SUV purchases skyrocketing, Ford is looking to bring the two vehicle segments together by reviving the Fusion nameplate for an all-new crossover-like station wagon. While there aren’t many details about Ford’s upcoming models, it’s expected to target the Subaru Outback.

That means the Fusion Active must have an all-wheel drive, a plastic body cover, and a raised ride height. There are also rumors that hybrid and plug-in-hybrid powertrains will be offered. We won’t have a full picture until Ford decides to reveal it, but here’s what we know so far about Fusion Active.

The Ford Fusion—discontinued after the 2020 model year—will be reimagined as a station wagon lifted to better fit among the brand lineup of almost any SUV. We’ve only seen photos of the eyes so far, but it seems that a new crossover is approaching its debut. We hope to know more before the end of the year.

2024 Ford Fusion Active Price

Since it will probably fill a hole in the Ford lineup that will soon be vacated by a mid-size Edge SUV, it makes sense that the Fusion Active will start somewhere in the mid-$35,000 range. While we don’t know what trim level will fill the lineup, we think it will be on par with other Ford models.

  • SE $35,000 (est)
  • SEL $38,000 (est)
  • Titanium $41,000 (est)

2024 Ford Fusion Active Engine, Transmission and Performance

Without official details about the engine and transmission options that will be available in Fusion Active, we can only speculate about the possibilities. One thing we can almost guarantee is that all-wheel drive will be offered.

There are also rumors that Ford will offer a hybrid and plug-in-hybrid powertrain in the wagon. Both of those electrification setups can be the same or similar to those that drive the compact Escape crossover.

That means a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine paired with two electric motors. The Fusion Active can also inherit the 250-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder and eight-speed Escape 250-hp automatic transmission.

We won’t know anything about the performance of the cart or how to drive it until we can get behind the wheel.

Ford Fusion Active 2024 MPG

Since we don’t have any information about which powertrains will be available on fusion active, we don’t have anything to report its fuel economy rating. We’ll update this section once its EPA estimates are released, and eventually, we’ll test those numbers on our real-world highway routes.

2024 Ford Fusion Active Interior, Comfort and Cargo

Fusion Active’s interior design, passenger space, and cargo volume are a complete mystery. We expect the style to reflect Newer Ford products such as the all-electric Mustang Mach-E crossover and the mid-size Explorer SUV.

The models suggest a fully digital measuring cluster, a vertically oriented center screen, and versatile interior cubby storage. We also expect the Fusion Active to provide comfortable rear seats and ample cargo space to compete with the Outback.

The latest version of the Ford Sync infotainment system should be included on the upcoming Fusion Active. We expect touch screens with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to come standard. Likewise, built-in navigation and Wi-Fi hotspots will likely be in the list of options. Ford usually also offers an improved audio system.

2024 Ford Fusion Active Crossover

There’s a lot we don’t know about the camouflaged prototype you see here, which is believed to be the new crossover SUV from Ford called the Fusion Active. We know it was seen recently near a Ford development center and testing ground in Dearborn. And we think it’s aimed at the U.S. market in the next year or two.

It’s also not the first time we’ve seen this box-shaped Fusion and wagonesque in public. A test vehicle wearing a similar camo was captured in the Arctic in March, and since then, it appears that different taillights have been installed.

It also seems that some of the fake panels at the rear have been removed, since this test vehicle is not very large along the roof and the rear. Looking closely at the rear hatch, there is a kind of bar or sharp body line running horizontally connecting with the taillights, curved down.

There are several Chinese Market Fords that can work behind the scenes on this new Fusion. The Equator is an SUV that debuted last year, offering three-row seating in a package very similar to the test vehicles we see here, at least in terms of overall shape.

There’s also the Ford Evos, a curious crossover coupe with a face similar to the Equator, wrapped in a slimmer package that sits a little lower to the ground.

We looked at aspects of both in this Fusion Active prototype. The shape of the Equatorial box is suitable, but the seat is lower like Evos.

Zooming in on the front of the prototype, it can be seen that there are grooves on the camo wrap in the corners of the fascia, similar to the driving lights on the Equator. Both Chinese models have wide grilles with narrow headlights, and we suspect that’s what you’ll find behind the cover of this test car.

What about under the hood? If it does borrow from Equator or Evos, it will likely run a 2.0-liter EcoBoost with an eight-speed automatic in Ford’s C2 platform version. It was also the platform used for the Maverick, meaning Fusion Active could offer standard front-wheel drive with optional all-wheel drive.

With the Ford Edge expected to end next year, the time is right for Ford to inject new blood into the midsize SUV segment. That could mean a debut later this year or around the first half of 2023.