New 2024 Ford Excursion Super Duty-Based Overlanding SUV Reviews

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2024 Ford Excursion saw its most booming presence. The first SUVs of the early 2000s were often stereotyped by images of famous vehicles like the Hummer H2. The Ford Excursion has taken advantage of the Ford Super Duty chassis, the Excursion was a humungous three-row SUV that could haul and tow just about any other passenger vehicle on the market at the time with powertrains to match.

Ford’s biggest engines are found under the hood, like the Triton V10, and the 7.3L Power Stroke V8 diesel engine.

Given the current environment of the SUV 2.0 market, the evolving land scene, and the growing number of entries in the off-road truck and SUV space Ford is likely missing out on the Excursion today.

We envision the new Ford Excursion to be the cornerstone off-road SUV product for customers who need more than what the midsize Bronco or Bronco Sport or Bronco Sport compact can offer.

2024 Ford Excursion Review: New Excursion with 7-Seat

Ford hasn’t made a Super Duty Excursion SUV in years. But that doesn’t stop many from wishing it was still the case.

2024 Ford Excursion

That’s the basis behind MegaRexx Trucks turning the F-250 into the new Excursion. And if you like, you can buy one of these giant seven-passenger SUVs.

The over-the-top truck is what one would expect from the MegaRexx, from Castle Hayne, NC.

He called this extra-large three-row SUV the “MegaRexx SVN.” We’ve featured other trucks the company makes, such as the MegaRaptor and MegaBronc trucks. When it comes to Ford trucks in shower bars, it’s usually a MegaRexx creation.

Ford Excursion Interior

First, in this section, MegaRexx made a long roof out of aluminum. Then convert the F-250 bed into a part of the cabin.

Easier said than done, we know. It integrates with the rest of the F-250 and isn’t just a fiberglass bed cover.

The long expanse of tinted windows in a murder presentation is hardly noticed. Inside, the darkness continues with an all-skin-trimmed Ultimate Lariat. This and more give the interior a very luxurious appearance.

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The front and second-row seats have power bucket seats.

The rear seats use the Ford Expedition’s third-row seats. It’s trimmed like the front and middle row bucket seats. And third-row passengers get their own Vintage Air climate control system.

With Lariat Ultimate trim, the front seats are heated and ventilated. The Ford Sync 4 infotainment system and the 10-speaker Bang and Olufsen sound system are part of the package.

Ford Excursion Exterior

On the outside of Ford Excursion 2024, the MegaRexx SVN Super Duty receives a modest 2-inch lift, along with a leveling system created by Carli Suspension.

The 20-inch rims are Fuel Militia wheels, supporting the 35-inch Nitto Ridge Grappler off-road ring. The side ladder is tubular because the tires and the lift are part of the package.

MegaRexx ID badges are everywhere. Both the front and rear fenders get it, along with the badge on the C-pillar.

Also, emblazoned on the tailgate is “MegaRexx.” Inside, the only identification appears on the dashboard, which you’d expect for a high-end custom SUV.

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2024 Ford Excursion Price

The starting price is $179,950. At first, it’s enough to make you think twice. But keep in mind that this is a truly unique vehicle, yet it can carry family, friends, toys, and more with ease. And it’s big. If you want big, this is it.

And frankly, the Excursion conversion looks like it came from Ford this way. Some aftermarket ax work looks, well, like ax work.

MegaRexx has done many similar conversions and has been doing it for several years. So come on, don’t be afraid. Step into the hefty 2023 Ford F-250 Super Duty Excursion.


The 2024 Ford Excursion is an impressive adventure SUV that leaves an enduring impression on its drivers. With its commanding presence, potent performance, and an array of contemporary features, it is the ideal companion for both daring expeditions and routine journeys. The 2024 Ford Excursion is a top contender if you’re looking for an SUV that embodies both force and style.

We’ll be updating more about the new Excursion soon, so be sure to bookmark our Ford New Model website for more of the latest Ford news.

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People also ask about Ford Excursion 2024

Q: Will Ford be bringing back the Excursion?

A: This is the biggest SUV ever produced and will be back shortly. This F-250-based SUV was last produced in 2005, and now Ford can bring the iconic model back to life. According to many reports, this model will be launched once again, at some point in 2020.

Q: Are Ford Excursions rare?

A: These vehicles are quite rare due to their low production volume, especially if we are talking about examples of vehicles that have not been modified by fans (Speaking of mods, you don’t want to miss this Excursion.)

Q: Is the Ford Excursion the biggest SUV?

A: The Ford Excursion is a heavy-duty full-size SUV (Class 2) manufactured by Ford. The longest and heaviest SUV ever to enter mass production, the Excursion was marketed as a direct competitor to the Chevrolet Suburban/GMC Yukon XL 2500 series (3⁄4-ton).

Q: Why was the Ford Excursion discontinued?

A: In fact, Ford Excursion’s lack of market success was the main reason why Ford discontinued the Excursion, not criticism from environmentalists, said Michael Luckey, president of the Luckey Consulting Group in Pompton Plains, NJ.

Video Discovery: Ford Excursion 2024

At the end of this session we also present a video related to our discussion on the Ford Excursion, where this SUV is the largest production ever made! Today I rented this highly prized and sought after SUV to show you why prices are skyrocketing!

We quote a video with a duration of 18:31 seconds published by Miguel’s Garage. In the video entitled 2000-2005 Ford Excursion | Review and What To LOOK for When Buying One looks like Miguel explains some of my favorite features, tries them out, and points out some things you should look for if you decide to buy one.

The Ford Excursion, produced from 2000 to 2005, was a heavy-duty full-size SUV that was also the longest and heaviest SUV at the time. It was planned to compete with the Chevrolet Suburban and be based on the F-250 Super Duty pickup truck.

Excursion is mostly offered in North America, with a small amount of export manufacturing. It was built at Ford’s Kentucky Truck Plant and ceased production in September 2005. While the Excursion remains the largest SUV ever made, the Jeep Grand Wagoneer L will reach its record length in 2023, and the GMC Hummer EV will surpass it.

Lastly, hopefully the 2024 Ford Excursion will also be more exciting to look forward to. Although until now there is no official information. Stay tuned and keep updating this page. Happy wonderful day!