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2022 Ford Fusion: Everything We Know So Far

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2022 Ford Fusion Let’s see the sales, shall we? 166,045 units were sold in 2019, down from 173,600 and 209,623 units in 2018 and 2017. Previously, Ford sold more than 300,000 in the United States alone. As past commercial successes turned into slight failures, Fusion along with Lincoln MKZ and even full-sized Continental is no longer in production at the time of writing.

Don’t worry, though, as the Fusion will return in 2021 as the 2022 model year as a rival Subaru Outback station wagon with all-wheel drive and jacked-up suspension. Codenamed CD542 by Blue Oval, the Fusion Active’s rear suspension will consist of leaf springs instead of the more modern coils.

It may seem like a drop in grade at first glance, but don’t forget that the leaves are heavier than the rolls. The heaviest full-size pickup trucks use them, and the Maverick unibody pickup truck will likely borrow this suspension design to challenge the Hyundai Santa Cruz and Volkswagen Tarok.

The question is, how will the Fusion look if Ford keeps the sedan option? Kleber Silva has the answer to that in the guise of speculative renderings that borrow a bit from the Explorer upfront, Peugeot-like LED signatures for the headlights, and Jaguar-Esque taillights. The Brazilian pixel artist has also done wonders with the exhaust design and window trim as well as removable door handles.

2022 Ford Fusion Active

However, pay close attention to the rendering. Are you considering a more suitable car in the rental fleet than the Escape or Explorer? Or better said, are you going to raise the $ 23,170 before destination cost on the Fusion instead of a proper mid-size sedan like the Camry or Accord priced at $ 1,000 more?

Despite rumors earlier this year that Ford’s midsize sedan would not get a soda this year, Ford went ahead and pulled the wrappers off the 2019 Fusion Wednesday. The Fusion Sports A slight change of image and some brand new novelties.

The updated Fusion obtains subtle improvements of the front and rear fascia and a new grille, a five-bar design in each cutout except titanium, which receives a different mesh design. Other changes include new fog lights, LED taillights, and trunk cover panel. Ford also announced a range of new exterior/interior colors and two new wheel styles, allowing for even greater personalization of its attractive medium-sized sedan.

Perhaps the biggest change to the new Fusion is the addition of the new Ford Co-Pilot360 from the driver Assistance Suite, which will come standard on all embellishments. This convenience pack is an intelligent combination of rail-service support, blind-spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, automatic high-beams, and rain-sensing windshield wipers, making the systems of Driver-help more available to consumers.

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“People tell us that they are stressed out with crowded roads and more drivers and distracted pedestrians,” said Corey Holter, marketing manager for Ford group cars. “Our Ford Co-Pilot360 with standard automatic emergency braking and other technologies can help you drive more confidently so you can enjoy the trip. “

The fusion trim will and up to get an up-to-date 1.5 liters turbocharged four-cylinder EcoBoost, except for the 325 horsepower, traction on all-wheel fusion V6 Sport, and the Fusion power plug-in hybrid, which now features a range of only electrical 25-mile electrical, 20 percent increase last year.

Ford has optimized the Fusion variants a bit, replacing the deluxe SE package with the trim SEL, which adds a luxury touch to the car with a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a 10-way driver’s seat with memory settings, and smart access with the remote boot. The adaptive cruise control with stop and run capabilities now comes standard on the titanium trim and top.

This is all part of a plan to cut $5 billion in planned expenses from 2019 to 2022. It makes sense, but enthusiasts who have grown to love Ford’s Hot-hatches like Fiesta and Focus ST, the more focus RS will not like this news. Oh, well, at least we’re getting the Edge St and the next Explorer ST here. And we launched an attack if the Mustang died.

2022 Ford Fusion Spy Shoot

Ford engineers in the United States have been seen bringing test mules to a mid-sized, high-riding wagon. Think soft-roaders to challenge the Subaru Outback and Buick Regal TourX.

Although it cannot be confirmed yet, the soft-roader is expected to be a direct replacement for the Ford Fusion sedan after launching next year. Remember, the Mustang will be the only vehicle that is not an SUV, pickup truck, or van in Ford’s North America lineup the next decade.

There are rumors Ford plans to keep the name Fusion, or variations thereof, used here, so don’t be surprised if the mysterious vehicle ends up being labeled something like Fusion Active. The Active designation is what Ford uses for soft-roader models abroad, such as the Fiesta Active and Focus Active. Ford had planned to import Focus Active from China, but the trade war stopped that.

For the test mule, engineers have used a flexible body borrowed from the Focus Wagon sold overseas to cover the underside. The basics are considered to be the newest version of Ford’s CD4 platform for mid-sized cars that is making its debut in today’s Fusion. This means there is potential for front and all-wheel drive, as well as a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

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An alternative is the compact version of the C2 platform which debuted last year in the latest Focus. This may explain why engineers used the stretched Focus Wagon body for test mules rather than the larger Mondeo Wagon. Mondeo is the name Fusion uses today outside of North America.

Since we are only at the testing stage, it may take six months or more for the prototypes to arrive. This means that any disclosures are likely not to occur until 2021, which refers to the upcoming soft-roader as the 2022 model.

Note, while the Fusion sedan will die soon in the US, it is expected to continue to be sold elsewhere. An updated version of the style is expected to launch overseas in 2020. Stay tuned for updates as development continues.

2022 Ford Fusion Engine

Without any official details about the engines and transmission options that will be available on the Fusion Active, we can only speculate about the possibilities. One thing we can almost guarantee is that all-wheel drive will be offered.

There are also rumors that Ford will offer a hybrid and plug-in-hybrid powertrain on the wagon. The two powered settings can be the same or similar to those that drive the Escape’s compact crossover. That means a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine paired with two electric motors.

The Fusion Active can also inherit the Escape’s 2.0-liter four-cylinder and eight-speed automatic transmission, which uses only 250-hp turbocharged petrol. We won’t know anything about the wagon’s performance or how to ride it until we can get behind the wheel.

2022 Ford Fusion EPA

As we don’t have any information about which powertrains will be available on Fusion Active, we have nothing to report about fuel economy ratings. We’ll update this section once the EPA estimates are released, and we’ll eventually test those numbers on our real-world highway routes.

2022 Ford Fusion Price

We can only guess at the starting price of Fusion Active. It makes sense that it will cost about the same as the Outback and Regal TourX, which currently starts at around $ 28,000 and $ 30,000. While we don’t know what trim levels the lineup will fill, we think it will harmonize with other Ford models. Active Fusion: $ 29,000 (approx.).