2022 Ford Fusion Wagon

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2022 Ford Fusion Wagon

2022 Ford Fusion Wagon I was in Europe last week, and so all my recent posts were about things related to Europe, like how I attended the most Italian car accident ever, and all the cars I saw in Monaco. In fact, I am announcing so many things about this trip that I believe it is now 100 percent tax deductible, somehow in the same way that all my meals are 100 percent tax deductible, in the sense that if I can’t eat, I can’t work.

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Anyway: one of the most interesting cars I’ve seen in Europe is illustrated above. It’s the break version of the 2022 Ford Fusion Wagon, and we don’t have it here, but maybe we should. I say this because A) it’s absolutely beautiful, and B) I really like the cars of the station. I particularly like the cars of beautiful resorts. Beautiful, convenient, family of transport station wagons.

Really, take a look at this thing. It is called the Ford Mondeo in Europe, and it is available in Europe because Europeans actually buy station wagons, while only a small part of American car enthusiasts buy station wagons. This particular wagon had Swiss license plates, and so it is the high-level Mondeo trim because the Swiss seem to have infinite money. And this car does not seem so good in its upper trim level? Alloy rims, no ugly plastic trim and the already beautiful look of normal fusion, just… I agonized.

Interestingly, although I try to pay attention to trends in our great big car industry, I didn’t even know this thing existed: I had no idea that there was a wagon version of the Ford Fusion Wagon in any market. In fact, I didn’t even know Ford was selling the merger as the Mondeo in Europe: The latest merger/Mondeo is very rare in Europe, as the Mondeo is no longer available in Europe-preferred tailgate form (just sedan or wagon) and also, because it is clearly designed For America, and it is a bit big for European roads.

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In any event, I hope that the merger car has gone to the United States: I can only imagine how cool it would be to get a sports fusion, with 325 horsepower and full traction, in the form of a wagon. And I hope someone else would buy it, so I can buy it used in several years. Although not confirmed, Ford admits that it is likely that we will see the name merger applied to a new vehicle. Given that the Ford stable is already packed to rafters with crossovers and both current and promised SUVs, it is not surprising to hear the nameplate could soldier on with a larger cargo area, platform Existing, and a raised roofline (but not * that * lifted).

In April, Ford announced that it would cut sedans in the United States to focus on trucks and SUVs. Its range of traditional cars will consist only of the Mustang and the active focus, which is a slightly raised trap. Adding a raised cart could broaden the range of Ford’s range and help the builder to hold on to the fusion name inheritance. In Europe, the merger’s counterpart, the Ford Mondeo, is offered as a wagon.

“They spent hundreds of millions of dollars for the equity of the brand in this merger name-not $10 million or $20 million-but hundreds of millions,” Rhett Ricart, one of the best Ford dealers, told Bloomberg. “The smart thing is to play on the equity of the brand. ”

Ford has updated the Fusion sedan for the model year 2019. It acquires new exterior style and wheel designs as well as a redesigned battery pack for the Energi plug-in model. The current merger will continue production in Hermosillo, Mexico, for a few years before Ford Retools the plant for another product.

I’m not, and I’ll tell you why. First, it is no secret that I did not spawn a demanding brood of malnourished children. The biggest cargo I carry on a daily basis is the full-size spare part in the trunk of my car, but that’s hardly the problem here.

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Was there any idea that the 2021 or 2022 Ford Fusion Wagon Fusion will appear as a fall-Down-on-your-lap sports wagon, my interest could be held. The Buick Regal Tour is superb. I wonder if there are even a dozen people in America right now thinking of signing a note on one. The same goes for the Jaguar XF Sportbrake, a niche vehicle capable of making Twitter experts speechless. I may be able to see one in the wild.

Ford enjoys volume, and to be useful, the future merger must sell in large quantities, not teasing broken auto journos. I’m just afraid that this vehicle, if it appears, will be something other than an artisanal offer by a committee that, at worst, takes a personality from Kia Niro – though one with the standard or available full traction. I’ll be happy to hurt myself.

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2022 Ford Fusion Wagon

The sources of Bloomberg claim that the upcoming merger has the Subaru Outback in its sights, which evokes the visions of a survey, off-road-ready wagon, not the bland object of my nightmares. It’s promising. And the continuation of the CD4 platform means current hybrid and powertrains hybrid plug-in groups could easily carry to satisfy Ford’s green thirst.

It is almost certain that the entry-level low price merger would give rise to something more similar to the Outback, which means a basic MSRP from about $25k. As it hardly sounds like a happy fleet model, say goodbye to the equivalent of the S merger, with its old 2.5-liter and large flanks. Good riddance, some might say. Am I too cynical to worry that this so-called Outback fighter is bowing like a box of bland, crossover, or do you have more faith in Ford? What does the blue Oval have to do to make you consider buying one?