2019 Ford Focus ST Horsepower

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2019 Ford Focus ST Horsepower

2019 Ford Focus ST Horsepower After seven successful years in the market, the third-generation Ford Focus was replaced by a new hatchback. Although it is too early to say whether the new model will be as successful as its predecessor, it has many features to brag about, starting with a new platform that would prop up several Ford vehicles in the future. It also features a sportier exterior, new technology inside the cockpit, and a revised engine alignment. With the standard approach on your way to dealers from 2018, it’s time to talk about the RS model. The performance-oriented model could reach the end of the year and the rumors and representations are already making headlines on the Internet.

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Ford’s very own competitor for the all-popular Volkswagen Golf GTI, Focus ST will benefit from all fresh features of the new focus, but will receive some additional features in and out. The sportier exterior with more aggressive signals are joined by an exclusive interior, while your engine will provide the greatest power in a St model yet. Until the next generation Focus RS arrives, the St will sit at the top of the range in terms of performance and pricing. Let’s take a closer look at what we already know about this car in the speculative review below.

2019 Ford Focus ST Exterior

We still have to see prototypes of the next Focus ST without camouflage on the road, but this representation of X-Tomi design looks like dot on. Like the outgoing St, the new model will still look familiar and share many design cues with the regular hatchback. Front and rear fascias will get more sporting features, but don’t expect the new St to be too aggressive. This feat is being saved for the RS.

At the front, Focus ST will keep the headlights and grille seen in the regular model. But while the first will come with LED technology as standard, the latter will get a new mesh grid. The choice of Ford here is probably the honeycomb design, already a classical characteristic in the St and many run-oriented cars. The shape and size of the grid will remain unchanged, but Ford adds a red “St ” distinctive.

The front bumper will get a significant makeover. The bottom grille will also have a honeycomb mesh, while the area around the vents on the black side with Foglamps LED will also end up in black instead of body color. A slightly larger divider rounds the frontal design of the fascia.

Don’t expect too many changes to the sides beyond the black window trim, side skirts and wheels. The latter will feature a unique design and be lighter than the standard edges. The Focus ST will also travel a couple of inches lower than the standard model. The rear fascia must win a revised aileron above the tailgate and a sportier element as a diffuser. A couple of larger exhaust pipes will also replace the standard units.

If the previous model is any indication, the new Focus ST should also benefit from at least one exclusive exterior color, if not two. Look for more exotic finishes here.

2019 Ford Focus ST Interior

The new interior of the spotlight is pretty cool when it comes to design. Not only does it look more modern, but it also feels spacious because the dashboard is placed farther away from the seats. The rectangular A/C vents on the sides and Wide center section of the board also make the cockpit look wider. The Clean center stack and the big entertainment screen on top also improve the modern, premium-oriented feel.

There is no word as to what new features will be added with the St setting, but do not expect the design-wise major changes. Outside of some insignia, new color for fit in dash and door panels, and custom boot screens for entertainment system and instrument cluster, the St won’t get much.

Of course, there will be new upholstery options. There is a great possibility that Ford will go with three individual specifications as in the previous model, with the base ST1 Trim to have fabric seats. The ST2 will get partial leather while the ST3 boasts a full leather interior. The former St had bright upholstery options like Tangerine scream, run blue, and race red, so expect something similar in the next new model.

Some additional equipment is also on the table as well as features added to the Ford Sync system with Apple display and Android Auto.

2019 Ford Focus ST Engine

Rumors suggest that Focus ST will settle its current gasoline of 2.0 liters and diesel power plants in favor of units of 1.5 liters lighter. Despite the smaller size, intelligent engine technology and multiple turbochargers will extract 275hp. It will fall to the front wheels to apply all this power-up of 247hp in the current model-as one hilariously fast four-wheel-drive RS is on the cards.

Semi-autonomous technology will also be added to the St list. On the freeway, the car will be able to provide small direction tickets to keep it on the street, and the evasive address Assist Tech tries to avoid accidents.

2019 Ford Focus ST Performance

The new Ford Focus came with great changes under the hood, including a complete change to the three-cylinder engines. While the salient model also had a four-cylinder, the new back window is offered with 1.0-liter and 1.5-liter only three-bangers. However, four-cylinder engines are still available in the Diesel Options list.

While the smaller St party also made a change to a three-cylinder, the focus ST will probably continue to use a four-banger. That’s because the little three-banger may not be very reliable with more than 250 horsepower. I initially believed that Ford would redesign the 2.0-Liter, four-cylinder EcoBoost from the previous model to obtain more energy and increase fuel economy, but a more recent report says that the Blue Oval will go with a different unit.

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2019 Ford Focus ST Horsepower

In particular, it is said that the next focus ST will use the company’s 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine, which is already in the Mustang and focus RS. Although there is no official confirmation for this and the espionage shots do not include any clues yet, the exchange makes sense given that the range-topping Focus RS model is bound to go hybrid. The Focus ST is also likely to be Ford’s latest Hot-Hatch to use only the energy gasoline, so it is safe to assume that the company wants to give it a correct shipment.

2019 Ford Focus ST Price

As usual, the price for the next-generation car will increase, but not by much. With the prices of the United States for the standard approach not yet available, we can only speculate for the next St. The outgoing model is sold for $25,170, so the new St could start from about $26,000 before the options.

Arguably the most iconic and popular hot-hatch since the years 80, the Golf GTI continues to govern the performance-oriented segment thanks to its sporting looks, powerful motor, and affordable price. Redesigned for model year 2013 and updated at 2016, the seventh generation GTI gets its juice from a turbocharged, 2.0-liter, on-line-four delivering 230 hp and 270 pound-feet of torque. The optional performance pack increases the output to 247 horsepower. The German hatch needs 6.4 seconds for Sprint from 0 to 60 mph and tops at 155 mph. Although not faster than the competition, the GTI greets its owners with a nice interior and good fit and finish. Prices for the GTI start from $25,595.