2019 Ford Focus Prices

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2019 Ford Focus Prices

2019 Ford Focus Prices The Ford Focus will be completely redesigned for 2019. Although Ford has not confirmed whether it will come as a model 2019 or 2020, our bet is that it will be introduced as a 2019 vehicle.

Specifications for the United States version have not yet been listed in detail, but Ford says the model will have more interior space than the outgoing generation, as well as better aerodynamics.

While it is a good bet that buyers in the States will continue to be able to choose a sedan or hatchback, it is likely that the variant of wagon offered abroad will not be an option.

Some of the most exciting changes will be a new St line with a more aggressive style, as well as a new active variant that is likely to offer a driving height a little more similar to a Subaru Crosstrek.

Interestingly, Ford will also offer a luxury thematic version abroad called the Focus Vignae. However, it is unclear whether American buyers will get this option as well.

The details have not been published, but based on the cars of this variety already sold in Europe, expect a number of distinctive touches such as special leather upholstery, exterior paint options and wheel options.

Like the 2019 merger, the next-generation approach will offer fewer configurations to simplify ordering in regions where it is sold. This will probably result in less variation and allow the automaker to control costs.

Security will be an area where the focus is to offer more value. Ford CoPilot360 will be offered as a set of driver assistance features, including automatic emergency brake, lane exit warning, blind spot surveillance and more.

2019 Ford Focus Prices

Ford has yet to announce a release date for the new focus. At the moment we only know that sales will come in 2019. Production dates have not been announced yet.

The official price is still very far. The focus for the reference starts at $ 19,920 including the target for the 2018 S sedan and ranges from $ 25,345 for the titanium hatchback.

The Focus ST models start at $ 26,045, well below the RS approach, which is approaching soon and approaches $ 41,995.

Most focused versions tend to offer aggressive factory incentives. However, shopper users should be aware that they usually offer discounts to select specific packages such as Ford’s Synchronization and Audio option.